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Robin Hollington

I live in Steep, East Hampshire, a former Royal Marines Officer of 20 years and owner/director of a couple of businesses, non-exec for an accountancy practice and a board advisor to an organisation encouraging Veterans to “Stand Up and Serve Again” by getting into politics, with both a small and Capital “P”.  

In addition I am a Trustee and Chairman of the Steep Film Club, get invited to compère many Steep Village events; have raised some £500K for veteran’s charities in the last dozen years or so, £350K funding for a Veteran’s Mental Health Organistion and cooked for 36 in Steep village hall, raising £1000 for a local Veterans Canine Charity.

I’m now standing as a candidate to be a Steep Village Councillor for the Parish of Steep, East Hampshire on 4 May 2023.



I was born in overseas, the son of a Colonial Policeman, returning to the UK at 18 months. My formative years were split between Essex, Scotland, Leeds and then Essex again.  I joined the Royal Marines on leaving school and served for a spit shy of 20 years doing the expected RM duties, as well as playing a lot of sport and gaining a BSc and MSc, before becoming a member of the Institute of Director, a Chartered IT Professional and Member of the British Computer Society.

During my time I managed to get married (and still am to the same woman!), have 3 kids and several dogs.  We move to Cosham in the early 90s and Steep some 17 years ago.

Medically discharged in 1999 with a neck injury I am officially classified as 20% disabled, which is a perfect excuse to finish gardening and crack open a Guinness when the rugby comes on!


Second Career


On leaving the Royal Marines, I spent a couple of years in the Defence Industry before migrating into the Information Security world where I represented the company during the creation of “Trade Association”, writing the vision and Articles of Association. Between 2003 and 2008 I organically grew my division, coming out administration to a £1.2M turn over business.

Own Businesses

A sudden change in circumstance in 2010 meant I  founded my own “Information Business” (to all intents I am the non-exec IT and IT Security Director an SME cannot afford) during the height of the recession and we are still going strong. An Events Management company followed  as a vehicle for the charitable events we run which have raised over £1/2 million for service charities since 2010.  In 2015 I was one of the founding directors of a veterans suicide prevention CIC, leaving 2.5 later after securing £1/3 million in funding.


More recently I have been a Trustee and Chairman of the Steep Film Society and have become a Non Exec Director for an Accounting Practice and Board Advisor to a “Veterans into Politics) CIC.

I now hope the Parishioners of Steep are kind enough to think I can make a difference on the Parish Council and vote for me on 4 May 2023. (Don’t forget Photo ID)


In addition to the fundraising an trustee role above, I am often found acting as PA or Quizmaster for the Steep bonfire and fireworks, events on Steep Common such as the Jubilee and pub quizzes at the Cricketers. I was also instrumental in analysing the responses to a Village Hall meeting a year ago, delivering the consensus report that was accepted in full by the Trustees, more than a week early.





Stands for Parish Council


Non Exec Director for Accountants, Board Advisor for Veterans in Politics 


Becomes Certified Data Protection Solutions Engineer


Chairman/Trustee of Steep Film Society


Becomes Director of Veterans Suicide Prevention CIC


Sets up own Companies


Moves to Steep


Moves to InfoSec Industry


Medical Discharge, Joins Defence Industry

Becomes Member of IoD & BCS


Joins DCIS(Navy) in MOD


RAF Staff Course


Post Graduate Degree


Joins HQRM


Junior Staff Course, Joins CinCFleet


Joins CTCRM, Fatherhood


Graduates, Marries,
Joins 40 Cdo RM


Goes to City University


Passout of Training
Joins 42 Cdo RM


Leave school with  “Sports”  Grades Joins Royal Marines


Skill Set

Three aspects of my military experience have had a lasting  legacy over my  second career and beyond.

  • Both my degrees included a focus on “Systems Science“. In outline people will have their own “weltanschauung” (world view) on most topics or issues.  Rather than focus on differences, look for commonalities and by modelling the issues from everyone’s weltanschauung you will find a significant overlap in each model. This overlap becomes the “consensus primary task model”.
  • On Operations, military personnel are regularly forced to make positive decisions, whilst under pressure of time and without full information.  At the same time it is essential to convert data into understanding, often by sifting out spurious data – “shifting wheat from the chaff“. They train in order to be confident to do this and so become skilled in Clarity of Thought.
  •  However, there is little point in getting the thought right, if you don’t follow through with successful delivery.


  • the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.


  • a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall “vision”


  • detailed steps to maximise the chances of achieving the strategic intent


  • actual implementation of the steps outlined in planning

Sales & Marketing

  • getting the commitment of stakeholders to make what is delivered a success